Possible side effects of Androcur

If you are going to take androcur 50mg, it makes sense to first study its features and the side effects you may encounter.


When administered orally, cyproterone acetate is completely absorbed. After administration of 50 mg of the drug, maximum serum concentrations reach 140 ng/ml within about 3 hours. Thereafter, serum concentrations of the drug gradually decrease over a period of 24 to 120 hours, with a final half-life of 43.9 + 12.8 hours. The complete serum excretion of cyproterone acetate is 3.5 + 1.5 ml/min/kg. Cyproterone acetate is metabolized by various pathways, including hydroxylation and conjugation. The main metabolite in plasma is the 15β-hydroxy derivative.

A small amount of the drug is excreted unchanged in bile. Most of the drug is excreted as metabolites in the urine and bile, respectively, in a ratio of 3:7. The half-life of renal and hepatic excretion is 1.9 days. Metabolites from plasma are eliminated in approximately the same time (half-life of 1.7 days).

Side effects

Taking Androcur-50 for several weeks in men leads to a decrease in the ability to fertilize, which fully recovers 3-4 months after stopping the drug. Gynecomastia may be observed in some patients, sometimes in combination with increased tactile sensitivity of the breast nipples. In women, the combined therapy with Androcurum-50 causes suppression of ovulation and prevents conception.

Sometimes a feeling of tension in the mammary glands may be observed. In some cases Androcur 50 therapy causes liver dysfunction, decreased mood and depression, feeling of inner restlessness, impaired ability to concentrate, changes in body weight.


The development of pathological effects in case of accidental overdose is unlikely. If necessary, symptomatic therapy is recommended.

Interaction with other drugs

Due to the effect of steroid hormones on the body’s glucose tolerance, the dosage of insulin and anti-diabetic drugs may be adjusted when taking Androcur-50. Influence on the ability to drive a car and operate complex mechanisms. Patients whose activities require increased concentration of attention (maintenance of machines, participation in street traffic, etc.) should take into account that when taking Androcur-50, increased fatigability, lethargy, and decreased ability to concentrate may be observed.

Special Warnings and Precautions

When alcohol, which has a disinhibiting effect, is taken simultaneously with the treatment with Androcur-50, patients with pathologically increased libido may experience a decrease in the effect of therapy. During treatment with the drug, liver function and blood picture should be closely monitored.

Women should undergo general medical and gynecological examination before starting therapy with Androkurom-50; pregnancy absence is a prerequisite for starting therapy. In very rare cases, against the background of using sex hormones, which include cyproterone acetate, benign and very rarely malignant liver tumors may occur.