Pros and cons of using eye drops

eye drops pros and cons

Dry and itchy eyes can make anyone suffer. Optivar Eye drops may be one of the solutions you consider during allergy season, or if you are a person with sensitive eyes. You must be wondering if eye drops are a good idea with regard to eye safety?

Since eye drops, are a medical product after all, there can be side effects. Consider the pros and cons

Advantages of using eye drops

Eye drops help replace, or improve, the natural moisture of your eyes when they do not provide enough of it themselves. Artificial tears and eye drops help reduce dryness and irritation, promoting comfort by reducing fatigue. Eyes that have been “burning” can get relief, even if it is only temporary.

During allergy season, this can mean the difference between total suffering and moderate comfort. If there has been an injury, such as a pickle, and the surface of your eye is scratched or damaged, eye drops can help reduce pain and speed up healing. But don’t forget that even with a seemingly minor injury, you should see an ophthalmologist.

Eye drops are often part of the remedy after injuries and infections because they keep the eye lubricated and help minimize the chance of further damage to the eye. They are quite often prescribed by a doctor.

The disadvantages of using eye drops

In addition to being a boon to eye health and safety, eye drops can also have very negative effects at times. Many formulations contain preservatives that can cause allergic reactions and individual intolerance in some patients. As a result, the situation only gets worse. With excessive abuse, moisturizing drops can, on the contrary, worsen the situation with dry eyes.

Continuous use of eye drops can mask symptoms that indicate a serious condition that requires urgent specialist intervention.

Eye drops may not work well enough to give you long-term comfort, so you will have to reapply. This can be annoying, uncomfortable and an expensive “treat.” In addition, there is also the risk of addiction.

Remember that eye drops, are a medical product. You should not prescribe it yourself, as it can cause damage to your health, disproportionate to the benefits.